Why Choose Us?

Making a film should be one of the highlights of your job.

With our expertise in filmmaking, storytelling
and customer service, it will be.
Over a decade’s documentary experience
Filmkey has been founded by Aleks Budimir who has completed hundreds of documentary-style projects on-time and on-budget for clients all around the world.
On-location filming
Projects take us to diverse locations – from streets to offices, schools, hospitals, cathedrals, trains, glaciers, naval ships, RAF bases, Parliament, African rural medical centres – where will you bring us?
High threshold for quality
Every frame of video has power and it’s our job to wield that power. When content is made with this much skill and care, your message, along with your brand, leaps out from the crowd.
The best equipment in-house
All aspects of your video will be filmed with broadcast standard equipment. We own everything required so your budget isn’t spent on rental fees.


Unscripted. Shaped in the edit.

  • Once you’ve shared your brief, we’ll ask questions to get to know your company thoroughly.
  • We’ll set specific and achievable video objectives that will give your project clear direction.
  • We’ll research your market and target audience to find out what they care about, then come up with several creative approaches that will work best.
  • Once we agree on a narrative idea, we’ll build a plan together. While unscripted, this plan details the key voices in your film and how we move from point to point to create a video that reaches your goals in an authentic, but structured way.
  • Our experienced team utilises two methods of capturing key footage, depending on the feel required for your video.
  • Documentary –  handheld “actuality” footage (moments as they happen), which brings across a raw feeling of authenticity.
  • Lightly-directed scenes – more polished scenes resulting from lightly directing our subjects in the moment and using a variety of lenses/tools.
  • Your staff or customers usually serve as the backbone of your video – providing compelling words that hit your key messages via an interview. We use proven techniques to ensure everyone comes across relaxed and confident on screen and encourage speaker informality which adds to credibility.
  • We’ll shape a captivating story that simplifies your core message, maintains a conversational tone and hits the goals of your project.
  • We craft every moment meticulously – beautiful visuals will be blended with graphics and immersive sound design to create an exceptional video that fits the style of your brand and connects with your audience.
  • We help you reach the right audience so that you get maximum value out of your video by providing multiple edits targeted at specific platforms.
  • We also help with tracking exactly how well your video is performing in regards to your video marketing goals. This guides us going forward so we can target your audience even more precisely.


  • A passion for content – Whatever the objective, we’ll look for the best approach to maximise viewer engagement.
  • Intuitive filmmaking – Every second of your video will be fresh and compelling. We’re only as good as our last work.
  • A positive approach – You’ll find us a bundle of ideas and energy. We’re always looking to exceed expectations.
  • Total professionalism – When we’re working with your colleagues or filming your customers, we never forget we’re representing you.
  • Attractive pricing – We always quote a fixed price for the production and never forget you have lots of options.

Ready to unlock your story?