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Hi. We’re Filmkey.

A dynamic London video production company.
We craft immersive unscripted videos that inform, educate and inspire  – shaping truth with a cinematic aesthetic to delight the eyes and the mind.
Our mission is to enable businesses, large and small, to connect with their customers compellingly through video.

We craft stories your audience believes in.

Audiences don’t buy into over-polished adverts anymore.

They crave authentic content driven by real people sharing meaningful stories. Stories that don’t scream “buy me”, but focus on customer / staff conflicts and journeys in a personal, relatable way.

Engage clearly, credibly and effectively.

Effective videos not only incite action, but make a big difference in how your brand is perceived or how your product is understood.
Our team has over a decade’s experience specialising in creating documentary-style business videos that deliver our clients proven results.

Authentic Customer Story

Cinematic documentary-style case studies from your customer’s perspective showing how your product or service helps them.


Example video

Short Profile Doc

Humanise your business with a short doc (up to 3 mins) that highlights a particular person in your business.


Example video

Exciting Promo

Generate excitement or entice customers to buy your product or service with an energetic promotional film.


Example video

Entertaining Business Doc

An in-depth behind the scenes look into your business featuring your staff, presented beautifully in a short immersive doc (up to 20 mins) to be used on your website or at events.


Example video


What clients say

Particularly impressed with their ability to interpret a brief, whilst also being able to interview clients and put them at ease in order to encourage honest and natural responses.


Took great care to listen and devise ways to give our campaign message energy and creativity.

Action Aid

A thoughtful and creative approach, paired with an ability to understand clients, and to produce great quality films at very competitive rates.

National Trust

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